Ikonomidis Design Studio

Ryan Attard


Ryan graduated from RMIT with an Advanced Diploma of Building Design and has been working in the building design and construction industry since 2010.

Ryan had been exposed to a range of developments including retail and commercial, however his work has been predominantly within residential design, specialising in medium density development projects.

He has a real passion for both architecture and construction, and is continually striving to improve his knowledge to facilitate more economical, functional and efficient delivery of each project. Ryan is ultimately committed to providing the best possible experience for IDS clients, and his management from beginning-to-end ensures the client that their project is in capable hands.

Having a family history in construction, Ryan’s interests extend to all aspects of the industry. He has an appreciation for architectural history, in particular the Minimalist period, together with the progression of building design and its essential fundamentals in our everyday lives.

Apart from his interest in architecture and building design, Ryan has a keen love for sport. He enjoys watching soccer and AFL, and he also coaches and plays soccer for a local club. He is an avid concert-goer and loves watching his favourite music artists perform live.